Supporting the Global Health Workforce Through Education

This past Monday, the US observed the passage of Labor Day, an annual holiday celebrating the country’s labor workforce. For many school districts throughout the US, Labor Day also marks the start of the academic year. The dual significance of Labor Day as both a time to celebrate workers and a time when students and teachers reengage with the education system, makes it a perfect opportunity to reflect on the importance of the global health workforce and the many dedicated health educators who support the growth and development of that workforce.

HVO volunteers serve as health educators to the thousands of medical students, residents, fellows, and early-career health professionals they train each year. HVO volunteers also provide much-needed professional support and mentorship to local health educators—experienced physicians, nurses and allied health professionals who have chosen to dedicate themselves, in full or in part, to training the next generation of health workers in their community.

Together, our volunteers and the local teachers they support are working tirelessly to end the global health workforce shortage. If you are a health care provider who has considered joining their ranks, Labor Day presents the perfect opportunity to take the next step and complete our volunteer application. If you are not a health care provider, you can still support our volunteers and local faculty members at hospitals and universities across the globe by making a gift to HVO.

Thank you to all the members of our global health community for supporting the development and growth of the global health workforce through increased access to education, training and professional opportunities!

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