Become a Volunteer

Become a Volunteer


Health Volunteers Overseas accepts qualified health care professionals with the expertise and dedication to share their knowledge with health providers and those-in-training in resource-scarce countries.

While volunteering overseas has many challenges, HVO volunteers regularly report their assignments as a significantly beneficial experience. Along with the knowledge that they have improved the availability and quality of health care where it is most needed, many HVO volunteers report improvements in their own practice and professional satisfaction. Many develop lasting professional connections with their colleagues overseas and come away with an improved understanding of the challenges health care workers face around the world.

We hope you will join us in our work to improve global health. Here are some essential resources as you consider becoming a volunteer. If you’d like to speak with an HVO volunteer coordinator and learn more about the experience of previous volunteers, please contact us.


Learn more about the steps to becoming an HVO volunteer, and start the process by completing the volunteer application and submitting your CV.


This is a great resource for those considering a trip overseas. You can find out more about what it takes to volunteer and how our assignments work.


Though HVO generally seeks volunteers who have completed their own training, some projects have opportunities for one-in-training to contribute to the education of overseas health care students. An individual in training is required to work with an appropriate preceptor while at the HVO site. Visit our fellowship page to learn about funding opportunities.


Volunteers pay for transportation to and from the sites. While many of our project sites provide room, board and daily transportation for volunteers once they arrive, we know the cost of travel in addition taking time off from work can be a deterrent. HVO partners with Mightycause, an online fundraising site, to help you raise money for your trip to offset trip expenses.

If you’ve already begun the volunteer process and are seeking more information to prepare for your trip, please visit the Volunteer Toolkit.