The HVO e-volunteering initiative offers new and innovative ways to extend our global health mission and systematically track HVO volunteers’ ongoing engagement and impact at project sites.

We know that many HVO volunteers remain actively engaged with sites long after their assignments end, providing remote mentoring, research support, curricula development, case consultation, etc. through email, Skype, and other web-based technologies. We want to learn from this remote engagement so that successful programming can be replicated or adapted to other settings. We also want to measure this added impact of HVO e-volunteers.

Typically, HVO e-volunteers will have prior on-the-ground experience at the site, which they continue to support remotely. Effective capacity building of the health workforce relies on strong institutional partnerships and professional relationships built on mutual trust and respect. This foundation is best achieved through face-to-face contact and professional exchange.

HVO members can learn more on the HVO KnowNET. If you have questions about the e-volunteering initiative and how you can get involved, please contact info@hvousa.org

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