It was gratifying to hear feedback from the Dean that students found the sessions instructional and informative, and more importantly felt that they had a clearer understanding of the concepts, and to be asked by students to supervise tutorials and teach for the remainder of the block.  For me these sessions provide first hand information on the current curriculum and its structure,  the method of instruction, the background that the students have coming into the class—all grist for refining and building up the curriculum, a deliverable of my assignment.

-HVO Pharmacy Volunteer


There are multiple steps to the placement process and often more than one approval is required. The process varies slightly from country-to-country and project-to-project. We strive to make this process as quick as possible but potential volunteers should be aware that final approval can take several months.




Thimphu Bhutan – National Referral Hospital
This project works to advance the practice of emergency care provided through education and systems improvement. Volunteers assist in developing an emergency medicine clinical curriculum that can be used for all levels of providers. This curriculum will be used by volunteers as a guide for educational sessions including lectures, hands-on training and informal bedside teaching. Volunteers also work to develop practice guidelines and systems improvement initiatives in selected clinical focus areas. Volunteers will play a vital role in establishing a culture of emergency medicine as its own specialty in Bhutan.

Bhutan Sites

Assignment: 1 month

Teaching Topics: Emergency medicine – all topics

Opportunities for Those-in-Training: No.

Qualifications: Board certified in emergency medicine or a primary care specialty; prior international experience preferred

Activities: Clinical training, continuing education, curriculum development, didactic instruction, faculty/staff training, formal lecturing, mentoring, protocol development, system evaluation

Housing: Housing is provided.

Companions: Suitable for companion/spouse; not suitable for children



Thimphu Bhutan – National Referral Hospital
Please note: we are currently recruiting volunteers for assignments starting in March 2021.
Volunteers train mental health students to become remote village based providers. Volunteers also work to strengthen existing Bhutanese Mental Health services through daily clinical service, staff training, consultation, and support services. Additionally, volunteers assist in developing the mental health curriculum for staff and students, as well as educational material for patients and families that integrate western mental health and indigenous Bhutanese cultural values and techniques.

Bhutan Sites

Assignment: 3 months

Teaching Topics: Psychiatry – all topics; psychology – all topics; psychotherapy – all topics; social Work – all topics; mental health assessment, supportive & medication treatment and critical case triage of particular interest

Opportunities for Those-in-Training: No.

Qualifications: Current license to practice psychiatry, psychology, psychotherapy or clinical social work; minimum of 5 years professional experience

Activities: Clinical training, continuing education, curriculum development, didactic instruction, faculty/staff training, health education material development, mentoring

Housing: Housing is provided.

Companions: Suitable for companion/spouse; suitable for children



Kampala, Uganda – Makerere University & Mulago Hospital
Volunteers provide training to pharmacists, pharmacy interns, and students at both the university and the hospital. Training covers a wide variety of areas including clinical training, continuing education courses, and/or collaboration with department staff to improve distribution systems, regulation, purchasing, inventory, and use of pharmaceuticals at Mulago Hospital. Volunteers also provide training for the Mulago Hospital Drug Information Center on how to obtain and evaluate medical information and how to respond to inquiries from staff, patients, and family regarding the use of prescribed drugs.

Uganda Sites

Assignment: 3-4 weeks

Teaching Topics: Pharmacy – all topics

Opportunities for Those-in-Training: No.

Qualifications: Current pharmacy license

Activities: Clinical training, continuing education, didactic instruction, mentoring, protocol development, system evaluation

Housing: Housing provided for a reasonable fee.

Companions: Suitable for companion/spouse; suitable for children



Thimphu, Bhutan – University of Medical Sciences of Bhutan (UMSB) & National Referral Hospital
Anesthesiology, Emergency Medicine, ENT, General Medicine, General Surgery, Obstetrics-Gynecology, Ophthalmology, Orthopaedics, Pediatrics & Psychiatry
HVO is assisting the UMSB in providing highly qualified personnel to train local residents and nurse anesthesia students. Confirmed volunteers will receive a copy of a curriculum that corresponds to their professional field; on-site staff will coordinate lesson topics. Residency programs include regular evaluations and formal examinations to ensure that candidates obtain the knowledge, skills, and experience required for provision of the subject matter. Patient care, medical knowledge, practice-based learning, interpersonal skills, professionalism, and system-based practice are the areas emphasized within each residency curriculum.

Bhutan Sites

Assignment: 3 months

Teaching Topics: Anesthesiology – all topics; emergency medicine – all topics; ENT – all topics; general medicine; general surgery; Ob-Gyn- all topics, ophthalmology – all topics; orthopaedics – all topics; pediatrics – all topics; psychiatry – all topics

Opportunities for Those-in-Training: No.

Qualifications: Fully trained, licensed and credentialed health care providers with academic teaching and/or extensive professional experience in area of expertise. Volunteers who have extensive professional experience within their specialty area, but who are now retired and no longer hold a current license may serve in a didactic educational role.

Activities: Clinical training, curriculum development, didactic instruction, education material development, faculty/staff training, formal lecturing, mentoring, research advising, surgical training

Housing: Housing provided.

Companions: Suitable for companion/spouse; suitable for children

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