HVO COVID-19 Update

Health Volunteers Overseas continues to monitor the global COVID-19 pandemic. Our guidance concerning project suspensions is based on host country government policies, as well as advisories from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the US State Department and the World Health Organization. In addition, there are issues that must be considered related to obtaining visas and making international travel arrangements that severely impact travel.

At this time, with the delta variant surging across the globe, HVO is continuing suspension of all on-site assignments. We are in close contact with our partner institutions and will discuss returning to sites, when the pandemic is under control.

E-volunteering opportunities are expanding across HVO sites. Please contact an HVO Volunteer Placement Coordinator about our e-learning activities. Click here to see a list of staff and their emails.

We continue to recruit and schedule volunteers for 2022 and will reassess the opening of each individual project based on host country policies and preferences, as well as public health guidance.

If you have specific questions, concerns, or training/mentoring needs related to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, please send them to You can find a list of trusted COVID-19 resources on our Outreach & Resources page and read our latest news on reopening here.

Cancelled assignment?

If you have assignment-related costs that are not reimbursable (airfare, visas, etc.), complete HVO’s Financial Contribution Form. Select the “Overseas volunteer assignment” option and input the expenses you had to pay related to the cancelled trip:

Can I talk to someone at HVO about this?

Absolutely! We are always here as a resource for you, feel free to call us (202-296-0928) or email (

Where can I find more information about the coronavirus?

For more information, we suggest the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center. They are some of the best online resources that are updated regularly.

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