New Opportunity for Physical Therapy Volunteers in Vietnam

In a recent post for our “Trends in Global Health” blog series, HVO leader Jennifer Audette, PT, PhD, discussed the evolution and growth of HVO’s physical therapy program.

“I feel confident in saying that the future is very bright – and exciting – for HVO and the rehabilitation disciplines,” she wrote, “ … There is no doubt that physical therapists – and other rehabilitation service providers – will continue to play an important part in the future of HVO’s ongoing efforts to provide expert, relevant and innovative partnerships in resource-scarce countries.”

This week, we are pleased to announce our latest collaborative effort to improve the quality and availability of physical therapy and rehabilitation services in resource-scarce countries. HVO will be partnering with the Da Nang University of Medical Technology and Pharmacy (DUMTP) to enhance the university’s new bachelor’s in physical therapy program. HVO volunteers will support students, faculty and staff with the goal of increasing knowledge and skills in the areas of patient evaluation and management, and broadening the professional development opportunities available to staff and faculty. Volunteer activities will include classroom-based instruction, and collaboration with faculty and staff to implement evidence-based approaches to physical therapy care.

For the past ten years, HVO has partnered with the Da Nang Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Hospital, a partnership that has included providing training and guidance to physical therapy students at that institution. This newly forged relationship with DUMTP will enable HVO to expand its reach and impact in the region by providing training and support to even more local providers.

Licensed physical therapists with at least five years of experience and two years of teaching experience will be recruited for assignments of two to four weeks. DUMTP classes run from August through January and March through June. In light of the students’ schedule, volunteers will not be needed in the months of February or July.

Individuals interested in volunteering should contact HVO Volunteer Placement Coordinator Kim Rodgers, or visit our physical therapy program page for more information. Many thanks to the American Physical Therapy Association for supporting this program

Not a physical therapist? Use the HVO Project Finder to identify a project that matches your skill set, or give to support our work to improve global health!

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