Congratulations to the winners of the HVO 2020 photo contest! These photos embody many aspects of what it’s like to be a volunteer with HVO. Click on each photo to see the full image and to read the caption from the winning photographer.


– 2020 HVO Photo Contest Winners by Category –

Children and Families
1st Place: “Imagination” by Dr. Darren Smith
2nd Place: “Monk-eying Around” by Dr. Darren Smith
3rd Place: “Lighting Candles” by Dr. Michael Ackland

Celebrate Nurses and Midwives!
1st Place: “ICU Bed Technology 101” by Dr. Glen Crawford
2nd Place: “Bhutan Palliative Visit” by Dr. David Nixon
3rd Place: “Concentration” by Dr. Sam Baker

Health Workers in Action
1st Place: “Arthroscopy Training” by Dr. Sue Abkowitz-Crawford
2nd Place: “Resident Education” by Dr. Jacob Babu
3rd Place: “Teaching POCUS” by Dr. Gordon Johnson

1st Place: “Funny Idea” by Dr. Susan Kidd
2nd Place: “Still a Good Knee!” by Dr. Sam Baker
3rd Place: “Mulago 2019 Baboon” by Dr. Viviane Leuche

Local Scenes and Nature
1st Place: “Gilted Buddha” by Dr. Darren Smith
2nd Place: “Kampala Sunset Mosque” by Dr. Viviane Leuche
3rd Place: “Kampala Sunset Cityscape” by Dr. Viviane Leuche


– Children and Families –



– Celebrate Nurses and Midwives! –


– Health Workers in Action –


– Humor! –


– Local Scenes and Nature –

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