HVO Photo Contest

HVO 30th Anniversary Photo Contest

HVO 30th Anniversary Photo & Video Contest

HVO’s biennial photo contest is an opportunity for volunteers and members to share a small piece of their overseas journey with us. This year, the contest is also a celebration of our 30th anniversary. In honor of this anniversary we asked you to help us celebrate the accomplishments of our volunteers and partners, collaborate to improve and expand our work, and grow to transform more lives through education and empowerment.

These key themes comprise the categories of the biennial HVO Photo Contest, and, for the first time ever we accepted video as well as photo submissions. Our judges – humanitarian photojournalist Karl Grobl, humanitarian photographer Bryan Watt and special HVO guest, Kate Fincham – reviewed more than 85 photo submissions and selected top ranking in each category:

We had just one video submission. You can view “Succeed We Must: Uganda Spine Surgery Mission 2016” on YouTube. This video is a compilation composed by Michelle White of a 3-week trip to Uganda in July 2016.

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