The Wyss Scholarship

Wyss Scholarship

Please note: we are not currently accepting applications for the Wyss Scholarship. We will begin accepting applications for 2020 opportunities in the Fall 2019.

The Wyss Scholarship

A critical element of professional development is the nurturing of leadership skills. With a generous gift from Mr. Hansjörg Wyss, HVO is launching a new program designed to develop and support a cadre of future leaders in the health care sector in resource-scarce countries. The Wyss Scholarship for Future Leaders in Global Health will allow HVO to support the professional development of local health care providers at HVO project sites. Click here to view more about the scholarship.

To qualify for the Wyss Scholarship, applicants:

  • Must work/study at an overseas HVO project site. Candidates may include local residents, faculty, and clinicians at HVO project sites.
  • Must be early in their careers and have demonstrated leadership potential. Candidates should have a strong commitment to their patients and profession and demonstrate a desire to share their knowledge with their colleagues.
  • Must have an identified training opportunity in order to apply.
    • Applications must be received at least 4 months prior to the event that requires funding.
    • Eligible opportunities for funding include: regional conferences, meetings, and short-term courses; international conferences, meetings, and short-term courses of study; and online short courses.

If you have questions about the Wyss Scholarship, please contact us.