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Dr. Dennis Vargo in Uganda

A photo from HVO’s archives showing the intensity of the interaction between the HVO volunteer, Dr. Dennis Vargo, and his colleagues in Kampala.

Regardless of our life circumstances, we all want to ensure good health and wellbeing for ourselves and our family. This seems like a basic goal, but if you don’t have access to quality health services, this goal can become insurmountable. That is why your support of HVO is so crucial. The world faces an acute shortage of health care providers – estimated to reach 15 million by 2030 – resulting in millions of people without access to care. Your donation to HVO will lead to more trained health workers providing quality care to their communities, and, ultimately, more individuals will receive the care they need because of your gift.

By supporting HVO, you become part of a community dedicated to empowering health workers with knowledge, skills, and professional development opportunities. HVO fosters partnerships among institutions, local providers, volunteers, and sponsor organizations. We connect people with one another and with the resources necessary to bring education and training to health workers in low- and middle-income countries, ensuring they can provide the best care possible in their own communities.

Donors like you provide the resources:

  • to recruit and prepare volunteers;
  • to support the development of evaluation tools and activities that ensure our projects meet the needs of our overseas partners;
  • that make possible innovations that address the evolving education and mentorship needs of the health professionals at our project sites.

The global shortage of health workers is a significant challenge, but bringing skilled, safe, and compassionate care to people around the world is possible if we draw on our greatest strength: the power of people working together. Please, join us.

For more information, visit #WHYHVO.

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