All HVO supporters are dedicated to the mission of sharing their knowledge and skills with faculty, students and clinicians at HVO sites. There are, on occasion, HVO contributors – volunteers, donors, members, on-site contacts and other partners – who make an exceptional contribution to HVO’s mission.

The purpose of the Golden Apple Award, established by the HVO Board of Directors in 2006, is to recognize extraordinary contribution to HVO’s mission, organization and/or project sites. The honor recognizes work in curriculum development, mentoring of faculty, students, clinicians or fellow volunteers, didactic or clinical training, development of education resources, leadership and/or extraordinary contribution to the sustainability and effectiveness of HVO.

Each year, HVO issues a call for nominations. Anyone who knows of an HVO contributor’s work is welcome to nominate them for the recognition. There are just a few guidelines:

  • No self-nominations.
  • Recipients of the Award from the previous year are not eligible
  • Nominations are accepted for volunteers who have served in any year.
  • The nomination period for the 2019 Golden Apple award has passed. Read about the honorees here.


When the nomination period has closed, a committee of HVO Board members and previous Golden Apple recipients reviews the nominees and confirms who will be honored.

On World Health Day (April 7th), HVO announces the recipients of the award to honor their contribution to global health and draw attention to the need for these contributions. Recipients will also receive a Certificate of Appreciation, as well as recognition on HVO’s website and Annual Report.

Click here to see who has received the Golden Apple.

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