Transforming Lives

Through Education

HVO’s comprehensive Guide to Volunteering Overseas, previously available for a small fee, is currently free to download! The guide covers a wide range of topics, from HVO’s mission and guiding principles to preparing for an overseas assignment to advice on developing and implementing lessons. Essential reading for new and returning volunteers.

News and Stories

Developing Pediatric Hand Surgery in Nicaragua

Read about Nicaragua’s only practicing pediatric hand surgeon.

Making Lasting Connections and Systemic Change Around the World with HVO

The Pantelys reflect on their many years of volunteering as a couple and discuss what they’ve learned along the way.

Vietname countryside

Meet Dr. Richard Henker

HVO volunteer Dr. Richard Henker shares his experiences at Angkor Hospital for Children.





Our Work

HVO is dedicated to improving the availability and quality of health care in resource-scarce countries through the training, mentorship, and education of local health professionals. Highly skilled health professionals serve as volunteers providing both in-person and virtual trainings. We also provide scholarships for on-site clinicians to participate in international continuing education opportunities. Around the world, HVO is transforming lives through education, working towards a world where all people have access to high-quality health care delivered by local health professionals.

Our Impact

Around the world, HVO is transforming lives through education

volunteer assignments since 1986

international partners since 1986

projects in 22 countries

health professionals trained annually