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Please let others know why you support the mission of HVO and how they can get involved as well.

Gifts in Honor of…

By making a gift to HVO in honor of someone – a retired coworker, a friend, or a member of your family – you share the mission of HVO and play a vital role in improving global health, supporting training and education programs that empower health workers and strengthen health systems in resource-scarce countries.

Speaker Materials – Meeting-in-a-Box

Following their volunteer assignments, many HVO members are invited to speak about their overseas experiences. We encourage you to spread the word about HVO’s programs and to share your experiences with others, be it friends, colleagues, or others in your community.

The HVO office is happy to provide you with materials to present with your lecture including handouts, newsletters, and annual reports. Click here to complete the form and order your “Meeting-in-a-Box”. By completing the form, you will also have access to the HVO PowerPoint.

Share Your HVO Story

Many volunteers have the opportunity to share their volunteer stories with their local newspaper, association newsletters, and more. If you’re interviewed for a feature or would like share your story with your association or on the HVO Blog, contact our communications manager.

We also have a resource – Telling HVO’s Story – with suggestions for talking about HVO and the volunteer experience.

Social Media

Follow HVO on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn and share our work with your own followers. You can also visit our YouTube page.

Facebook offers an easy, fun way for donors to make gifts, both large and small, and does so without charging any fees – currently, 100% of donations made through Facebook fundraisers go to HVO. Start a Facebook fundraiser.

Help Us Raise Funds to Improve Global Health

You can help raise money for HVO projects to improve global health by creating a Mightycause fundraiser. Visit HVO’s Mightycause page to learn more.