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“Overall, my trip to Malawi was truly a life changing experience. I definitely have a more global perspective on the disparities in delivery of medical care around the world and a broader understand of the field of orthopedic surgery. As other volunteers have noted, my trip also reinforced the critical need for continued support and education to those in the developing world.”

– HVO Orthopaedics Traveling Fellow


Feinberg Fellowship for Long-Term Volunteers
The Feinberg Fellowship funds volunteer assignments that last three to six months. The fellowship covers volunteers’ roundtrip airfare and housing costs, as well as assignment-related expenses such as visa(s), medical/nursing council registration, etc. In addition, the volunteer will receive a modest stipend to cover food, transportation, and other incidental costs. The fellowship is currently available for a nursing position at Lao Friends Hospital for Children. Additional opportunities to be added in the future. Click here to learn more.

HVO-ADA Foundation Volunteer Fellowship
Dentists who are HVO members with confirmed HVO assignments may apply for funding up to $1,500 to defray some of their travel-related expenses. A qualifying dentist is (a) a dentist who is a first time HVO volunteer and/or (b) a dentist who graduated from dental school within the last five years. This opportunity is made possible by a grant from the ADA Foundation. Click here to learn more.

Orthopaedics Traveling Fellowship
The Orthopaedics Traveling Fellowship will fund senior orthopaedic residents to volunteer at an HVO orthopaedic project site for 2-4 weeks. Applications for the fellowship are OPEN.

Warfield Scholarship
The Warfield Scholarship for Anesthesia Professionals will fund the professional development of anesthesia providers (both physicians and non-physician anesthetists) from HVO project sites.

Support a volunteer

Please contribute to support the SEA-HVO Taveling Fellowship, OO Traveling Fellowship, or Plotnick fund.


AAD Travel Grants Available
The AAD Education and Volunteers Abroad Committee (EVAC) offers a grant, administered by HVO, to offset travel costs for dermatologic-related volunteerism travel through HVO. Dermatologists (who must be members of both AAD and HVO) with confirmed HVO assignments, may apply for funding to defray some of their travel-related expenses. Click here to learn more. Applications are CLOSED.

AFSH-HVO Young Surgeon Traveling Fellowship
The American Foundation for Surgery of the Hand (AFSH) – HVO Traveling Fellowship is available to hand fellows and surgeons within four years of completing their fellowship to volunteer at an HVO hand surgery project site for 2-4 weeks. Applications are CLOSED.

Plotnick Nursing Education Volunteer Fund
Nurses – HVO members with confirmed HVO assignments – may apply for funding to defray some of their travel-related expenses. The minimum assignment length eligible for support is 2 weeks. Preference is given for assignments that are at least 4 weeks or longer. This fund is not currently accepting applicants.

SEA-HVO Traveling Fellowship
The SEA-HVO Traveling Fellowship funds four-week assignments at HVO anesthesia site for senior anesthesia residents. Applications are CLOSED.

Wyss Scholarship
The Wyss Scholarship for Future Leaders in Global Health allows HVO to support the professional development of local health care providers at HVO project sites.


Fundraise for Your Trip
HVO partners with Mightycause, an online fundraising site, to help you raise money to offset trip expenses.

The Volunteer Toolkit
Find out more about HVO’s policies, forms, resources, and tips to prepare for your trip overseas.