Mission, Vision, and Values

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Mission and Vision

Health Volunteers Overseas improves the availability and quality of health care through the education, training, and professional development of the health workforce in resource-scarce countries.

HVO envisions a world where all people have access to high-quality health care delivered by local health professionals.



We promote activities and investments that strengthen health workforce capacity and advance health for all.


We foster inclusion and cooperation through partnerships that are based on integrity, mutual respect, and open, responsive communication.


We deeply value our partners, donors, and volunteers, and we are committed to strong stewardship of these vital relationships.


We apply creative learning approaches and technologies that align with the needs of our partner institutions to implement effective, transformative education programs.

Guiding Principles

Project goals, objectives, and structure vary and reflect the educational priorities of our partner institutions. However, there are certain principles that apply to all projects. HVO projects:

  • Are relevant and realistic.
  • Are informed by local diseases, health conditions, available resources, evidence-based practices, and institutional and national priorities.
  • Train local personnel who will assume the roles of both educator and provider, whenever possible.
  • Promote lifelong learning.
  • Focus on disease prevention, when appropriate.

January 2022