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Interested in learning more about the breadth of issues in global health care? HVO has initiated a series of webinars focused on a variety of issues in global health – from new WHO initiatives, to innovative educational projects spearheaded by volunteers in these challenging times. The sessions run an hour in length, so they can be viewed during a lunch break. However, since we know that people have full schedules these days, we are also recording these sessions and will be posting them on the HVO YouTube channel.

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Most Recent Session

Education, Collaboration, Transformation:
Lessons Learned from HVO’s Rehabilitation Project in Suriname

March 19, 2024 |12:00 p.m. ET

HVO’s project in Suriname, which lasted from 1999 to 2015, changed the landscape of physical therapy in the country by taking a nearly a non-existent training program at Anton de Kom University in Paramaribo and building it up into a department capable of training and retaining skilled practitioners. HVO volunteers worked closely with local partners to develop a working curriculum and master’s level program for the university. Suriname went from having a total of nine practicing physical therapists in the 90s, mainly educated in the Netherlands, to over seventy-five locally trained and practicing physical therapists in 2023. During this webinar, HVO volunteers and partners will discuss how they worked together, built the program through collaboration, and what long-term impact they have seen as a direct result of their efforts.


Jennifer Audette, PT, PhD


Timothy Kauffman, PT, PhD

Tony Chang, PT, PhD

Roshni Ramdas, PT, MSc

Past Sessions

Practical Strategies for Balancing Our Personal and Professional Lives:
Guided by Compassion for Self and Others | November 2023

This recording is no longer available. 

For over 15 years, Dr. Kolkin has been giving Life Balance presentations to healthcare professionals and others worldwide. He has generously agreed to give his presentation live for the HVO community.

Practical Strategies for Balancing Our Personal and Professional Lives: Guided by Compassion for Self and Others

Most healthcare professionals are, by nature, compassionate human beings. However, we also face unique challenges that can interfere with our ability to live happier, less stressful, and more balanced lives. This presentation will focus on (1) the source of true happiness (2) the role played by compassion for self and others in achieving this elusive goal (3) roadblocks to success (4) universally relevant, practical, science-based strategies for getting back on track.

Dr. Jon Kolkin has been an HVO member, volunteer, and donor since 1999. His extensive travels have taken him all over the world and he is an experienced orthopaedic surgeon as well as an internationally recognized and award-winning author, photographer, musician, Integrative Medicine Health Coach, accomplished athlete, and president of the Shades of Compassion Foundation. Shades of Compassion is a non-profit dedicated to promoting effective, sustained engagement in acts of compassion among a diverse population worldwide, for the purpose of enhancing the health and well-being of this planet and all her inhabitants. His book, Inner Harmony: Living in Balance, which includes forwards by the Dalai Lama and Queen Mother of Bhutan, has received three international photography book awards.

COVID: Challenges and Opportunities in Global Education | September 2022 | Watch it here!

The COVID pandemic presented both challenges and opportunities in global education. Three HVO on-site coordinators share their institutions’ pandemic experience as well as important considerations for overseas volunteers interested in returning to HVO project sites.

Learning Objectives:
1. Recognize the impact of the pandemic on delivery of care worldwide.
2. Examine the effect of the pandemic on the delivery of educational programs for health professionals.
3. Recognize the ways in which virtual education can be leveraged to provide support.
4. Understand considerations for HVO volunteers returning to sites for overseas placements.

Moderator: Dr. Ankita Sagar, project director, internal medicine Costa Rica

Mr. Robert Sowa, physical therapy Ghana
Dr. José Alonso Acuña Feoli, internal medicine in Costa Rica
Mr. Duong Vibol, nursing, pediatrics, and hematology in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Developing and Implementing Cornerstone Nursing Documents in Cambodia | March 2022 | Watch it here!

Manila Prak works with the USAID-Enhancing Quality of Healthcare Activity project, through FHI 360 Cambodia, where she is the Team Leader of Healthcare Regulation and Accreditation. FHI 360’s work in Cambodia focuses on human development goals with the most at-risk populations. Their health projects cover a wide spectrum of health needs from AIDS to malaria, and family planning to substance use. She also works on a volunteer basis as President of the Cambodian Association of Nurses which is actively involved as a co-facilitator for the ICN Leadership for Change Program for Cambodian Nurses.Richard Henker is on faculty at the University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing and a practicing nurse anesthetist at UPMC-Presbyterian Hospital. A member of HVO since 2004, he currently serves on the Board of Directors, and has been on the Steering Committee for nurse anesthesia, as well as a project director. He received the Golden Apple Award for his work with Cambodia.In 2014, Ms. Prak and Dr. Henker were key initiative members of the Technical Working Group of nurses in Cambodia that developed a core of guiding standards for nursing practice in Cambodia, which were then approved by the Ministry of Health and disseminated throughout the country.

Health Volunteers Overseas (HVO) and International Volunteer Projects in times of COVID | October 2021 | Watch it here!

Dashrath Kafle, BDS, MDS and Brian Hollander, DMD present: Health Volunteers Overseas (HVO) and International Volunteer Projects in times of COVID.” This course explains how an HVO volunteer program in Nepal adjusted to the travel barriers and implemented virtual education with US volunteers to continue the program during the pandemic.

Virtual Projects at HVO: Successes & Challenges | April 2021 | Watch it here!

Habib Ghaddar, MD, FACP and Elizabeth Schick, DDS, MPH present “Virtual Projects at HVO: Successes & Challenges.” Join Dr. Ghaddar and Dr. Shick to learn more about how their virtual projects were developed, what challenges they faced, and what contributed to their success.

An Introduction to WHO’s Rehabilitation 2030 with Monika Mann, PT, MPH | March 2021 | Watch it here!

Monika Mann, PT, MPH presented “An Introduction to WHO’s Rehabilitation 2030” which highlighted the WHO initiative designed to recognize the unmet global rehabilitation needs and the importance of incorporating rehabilitation in strengthened health systems.

International Volunteerism, Research, and Education for Orthopaedic Capacity Building in Malawi | February 2021 | Watch it here!

Kiran Agarwal-Harding, MD, MPH presented “International Volunteerism, Research, and Education for Orthopaedic Capacity Building in Malawi”, based on his post-doctorate fellowship in the country.