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Partnership is at the heart of what we do; it is essential to achieving our vision of a world where all people have access to quality health care provided by local providers. HVO addresses a complex challenge – the global shortage of health care providers – by partnering with more than 100 hospitals, universities and health institutions in low-resource countries to teach, train and mentor.  HVO partnerships are dynamic, ethical and mutually beneficial. Each partnership is unique, and as the priorities of our partners evolve, so too does the support we provide.

HVO collaborating institutions identify their priority challenges in delivering quality patient care and invite HVO to partner with them to address these challenges through education and training.

HVO sponsor organizations promote our work within their professional communities, connect us to prospective volunteers, and provide funding and other resources to sustain our programs.

HVO corporate and organizational partners provide essential financial support to ensure we can meet the needs of our overseas partners, recruit skilled volunteers, and support the work of staff to place volunteers, establish projects, and monitor and evaluate the impact of our programs.

HVO forms strategic alliances with a range of organizations around the globe to enable us to extend our reach, help promote awareness of global health issues, devise and disseminate best practices, and to keep the global conversation around health workforce development moving forward.

Read more about our partnership model in Health Volunteers Overseas: 30 Years of Leveraging International Partnerships to Strengthen Health Worker Capacity by April Pinner, HVO’s Director of Programs and Nancy Kelly, HVO’s Executive Director