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We encourage our volunteers and supporters to reach out to the media about their experiences with HVO, and our sponsors will often share the successes of their members who give of their time and talents at HVO sites. The result is a wonderful array of articles from local papers, online news sources, medical journals, universities, and associations.

Training Hematologists and Building Research Capacity in Tanzania
By Mary Ellen Schneider
January 2023, ASH Clinical News

COVID-19 Pandemic Shines Light on Future of E-learning in Global Health Volunteering
By Mary Beth Versaci
October 2020, ADA News

Access to Professional Opportunities Improves Skills, Expands Knowledge of Those from Limited-resource Settings
By Katie McMullen
September 2020, AAOS Now

Expand Pediatric Services through Education – Your Help is Needed
By Katie McMullen
Spring 2020, SGH Newsletter

Global Oncology Nursing Improves Cancer Care Worldwide
By Ellen Rice Tichich, MFA, MSN, RN-BC
February 2020, Oncology Nursing News

Leader in International Pediatric Orthopaedics Shares Practical Approach to Volunteering
By Andrea Moody, MA
January 2020, AAOS Now

Collaborative Pediatric Education in Nepal
By Katie McMullen
Fall 2019, SOICH Newsletter

Less Doing, More Teaching
By Leslee Jaeger, MD
October 2019, University of Minnesota Medical Bulletin

Health Volunteers Overseas: A Model for Ethical and Effective Short-Term Global Health Training in Low-Resource Countries
By Beth MacNairn
September 2019, Global Health: Science and Practice Journal

Richard Fisher, MD, Dedicates Career to Improving Global Health Systems
By Katie McMullen
August 2019, AAOS Now

A trauma surgeon’s takeaways from Tanzania
August 2019, Shine Magazine

Bilateral exchanges in Bhutan sustain nephrology training
July 2019, UNC Kidney Center

Realizing ‘Health for All’ – A Call to Action
By Katie McMullen
Summer 2019, SOICH Newsletter

Global Volunteerism: Beyond the Nuts and Bolts
By Katie McMullen
June 2019, AAOS Now

Jumping Off the Volunteer Cliff
By Francis G. Serio, DMD, MS, MBA
February 2019, Inside Dentistry

Make a Sustainable Impact on Global Pediatric Care through Education
By Nora Daly
Winter/Spring 2019, SOICH Newsletter

Improving Global Orthopaedic Care Through Travel
By Andrea Moody, MA
December 2018, AAOS Now

Improving Health Internationally through Education for Older Adults
By Nora Daly
September 2018, GeriNotes, Vol. 25, no. 4 (p. 17)

Sustainable Solutions: Wide-awake Hand Surgery in Ghana
By Katie McMullen
August 2018, AAOS Now

Investing in Nurses and Nurse Education to Strengthen Health Systems
By Katie McMullen
July 2018, Global Nursing Caucus blog

HVO Volunteer Provides Service Through Education
By Katie McMullen
June 2018, AAOS Now

Universal Health Coverage: Filling the Gaps through International Partnership
By Nancy Kelly, MHS
April 2018, Pyxera Global Engagement Forum

Addressing Critical Shortages of Care through Training
By Katie McMullen
February 2018, AAOS Now

Global Volunteerism: Learn How to Maximize Your Impact
By Katie McMullen & Amanda Decker
February 2018, AAOS Now

Inside Cambodia’s Struggles with Poverty, Dearth of Trained Rheumatologists
By Elizabeth Hofheinz, MPH, Med
December 2017, The Rheumatologist

Dr. Kruisselbrink on dedication to critical care, education and making time to run
November 2017, ACP IMpact

Invest in Health Systems by Investing in Health Workers
By Nancy Kelly, MHS
September 2017, IntraHealth VITAL

Health Volunteers Overseas: 30 Years of Leveraging International Partnerships to Strengthen Health Worker Capacity
By April Pinner, MSPH, RD & Nancy Kelly, MHS
July 2017, Frontiers in Education: Public Health Education and Promotion

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