Stories of Impact – Judith Canfield-Henry, PT, MSEd, EdD

As we celebrated HVO’s 30th anniversary, I heard a number of stories, and recalled many more. Over the next year, I’d like to share some of my favorites with you. This first one was from a well-traveled and much loved volunteer, the late Judy Canfield-Henry, PT, MSEd, EdD, about an early trip to Bhutan. She was so excited to share this story with me and, each time I tell it, I’m excited at the impact she had.

Judith Canfield-Henry, a retired educator and professor of physical therapy, worked in Bhutan for five months. While there, she noticed a young child, a burn patient, on the ward. The process of changing her dressing was a difficult and painful event for the little girl. Judy suggested to the nursing staff that they try a different technique – putting the child in a tub of warm water to ease the removal of the bandages. The effect of this suggestion was immediate. Not only was the little girl much happier, but the impact of such an adjustment was so apparent that this new technique was immediately put into place by the nurses on the adult ward as well.

This technique resulted in quicker healing of the burns and significantly reduced pain for the patients – a small change in behavior that had enormous impact for all future burn patients!


  1. Excellent story showing how volunteers can make an significant change for the better by carefully observing the situation and suggesting a different approach. Thanks for sharing.

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