Overall, my trip to Malawi was truly a life changing experience. I definitely have a more global perspective on the disparities in delivery of medical care around the world and a broader understand of the field of orthopedic surgery. As other volunteers have noted, my trip also reinforced the critical need for continued support and education to those in the developing world.

-HVO Orthopaedics Traveling Fellow


AFSH-HVO Young Surgeon Traveling Fellowship
The American Foundation for Surgery of the Hand (AFSH) will fund R3, R4, R5, fellows and surgeons within three years of completing their fellowship to volunteer at an HVO hand surgery project site for 2-4 weeks. Applications for the 2017 fellowship are due April 1, 2017Learn more about the AFSH-HVO Young Surgeon Traveling Fellowship.

ASH-HVO Long-Term Volunteer Award
The American Society of Hematology (ASH) invites all former HVO hematology volunteers to apply for an exciting new ASH-HVO Long-Term Volunteer Award to engage in long-term assignments at hematology volunteer sites. Awardees will receive a stipend to spend three to six months at one of the volunteer sites in Cambodia, Tanzania, or Uganda to engage in a specific, long-term capacity building program that addresses a priority hematology issue at the site. The long-term assignments aim to provide grounds for extended collaboration between on-site personnel and the ASH volunteer to establish increased capacity in patient management, diagnostics, and transfusion medicine. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, but your application must be received by September 30th in the year prior to your volunteer assignment. (For example, if the proposed assignment will be in 2017, the application must be submitted by September 30, 2016).

Orthopaedics Traveling Fellowship
The Orthopaedics Traveling Fellowship will fund senior orthpoaedic residents to volunteer at an HVO orthopaedic project site for 2-4 weeks. Learn more about the Orthopaedics Traveling Fellowships. Applications accepted on a rolling basis.

Not Currently Accepting Applications

SEA-HVO Fellowship
The fellowship is offered to senior anesthesia residents interested in spending 4 weeks teaching at an HVO anesthesia site in a developing country. The deadline for the 2017 Fellowship has passed.


Fundraise for Your Trip
HVO partners with Razoo, an online fundraising site, to help you raise money to offset trip expenses.

The Volunteer Toolkit
Find out more about HVO’s policies, forms, resources, and tips to prepare for your trip overseas.

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