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Expanding Horizons for Dermatology Professionals in Vietnam

Editor’s Note: The following post was written by HVO staff member Kim Rodgers. Kim is the Volunteer Placement Coordinator for HVO’s dermatology program and works closely with on-site personnel at... Read more

Using the Web to Connect Rwandan Health Professionals with Continuing Education

The seed for the website Top Upgrade was planted during a month-long leadership training course for physical therapy professionals, which took place in Kigali, Rwanda in 2015 with support from... Read more

Trends in Global Health: The Power of Storytelling

Jody Olsen, PhD, MSW, Chair of the HVO Board of Directors, writes this installment of Trends in Global Health, sharing a personal experience with using storytelling to identify the unique... Read more

From the Field: Empowering Physical Therapists in Bhutan

In October 2016, HVO volunteer and leader Linda Wolff, MPT shared her experience helping to deliver the World Health Organization’s Wheelchair Service Provision Training program in Thimphu, Bhutan with HVO... Read more

Help Share HVO’s Mission at Home and Abroad

“If you’re going along in your practice and you think you’ve done about everything you can ever get to do, why not try to push your envelope and volunteer with... Read more

Reflections from Abroad: Transitioning from Trainees to Teachers

Editor’s Note: This is the third and final post in a series written by Victoria Elliot, MSPH, a public health professional and medical student who accompanied HVO staff member April Pinner on... Read more

Photo Essay: Images that Capture the International Volunteer Experience

Editor's Note: You may recognize the name Dr. Jim Matiko from last year's HVO Photo Contest. Images captured during Dr. Matiko's 2009 assignment in Malawi won in both the "Celebrate"... Read more

Reflections from Abroad: The AHC Oncology Team – A Model of Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Editor’s Note: This is the second in a series of three posts by Victoria Elliot, MSPH, a public health professional and medical student who accompanied HVO staff member April Pinner on a recent trip... Read more

Celebrate Health Workers. Become Part of the Story.

Early this year, HVO began collecting stories from around the world. We asked our volunteers, leaders, and overseas partners to share their stories – the tales of compassion, commitment and... Read more

Bhutan Wheelchair Service Training: Changing Lives One Wheelchair at a Time

Editor’s note: This post was provided by HVO volunteer and leader Linda Wolff, MPT. Ms. Wolff traveled to Bhutan in May 2016 to participate in the Wheelchair Service Providers Training program.... Read more

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