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Hello, HVO Volunteer! 

We want you to be part of how the HVO story is told, and we want to make sure that you take great shots during your assignment so we can use pictures to show the world the impact we are making together.  

Here you will find some guidance and suggestions to keep in mind when you are capturing all of these great moments and achievements.  

  • Learning together: Photos that illustrate individuals or teams working together, engaged in discussions, or actively collaborating on projects. This can also include handshakes, warm greetings, and mentorship interactions. 
Dermatology Cambodia – photo courtesy of Dr. David Horne
Pediatrics Uganda – photo courtesy of Dr. Lon Dubey
  • Networking and connections: Showcase people engaging in networking events, conferences, or social gatherings where connections are made. Capture expressions of interest, animated conversations, or moments of connection between people.
Mr. Robert Sowa (R) at the American Society of Hand Therapists 2023 Annual Meeting
Drs. Fanuel Bellet and Todd Kim at the Orthopaedics Overseas Luncheon
  • Achievements or milestones: Photograph individuals or groups during moments of achievement, such as receiving awards, completing successful projects, or reaching significant milestones.
Certificates for the Oral Health Nepal Dental Assistant Training Program, lead by Royann Royer
Bhutan Emergency Medicine Students – photo courtesy of Trenton Harper
  • Collaborative spaces and environments: Photograph people in locations or settings that serve as collaborative spaces, such as meeting rooms, shared workspaces, or project sites. Showcase the active engagement and interaction happening within these environments.  
Internal Medicine Cambodia, Kampot – photo courtesy of Dr. Nikunjkumar Patel
Nursing Oncology Vietnam – photo courtesy of Amy Sacco
  • Visuals of the hospital/university and surrounding city: Future volunteers are often interested in seeing the spaces they will be volunteering in. Photos that give a sense of these areas are helpful to those unfamiliar with the site.   
Outside of Kabale University School of Medicine, Kabale, Uganda – photo courtesy of Dr. Ashley Serrette
Outside of Hospital Nacional Carlos Alberto Seguin Escobedo EsSalud, Arequipa, Peru – photo courtesy of Dr. Daisy Alapat
  • Focus on the subject: Make sure the primary focus of the picture is the people. Avoid distractions in the background and try to keep the subject in sharp focus.
  • Utilize good lighting: When possible, utilize natural light or well-placed artificial lighting to illuminate the subject and avoid harsh shadows or overexposure.  
  • Consider the composition: Pay attention to the overall composition of the photo. Frame the person in a way that provides context and tells a story. Experiment with different angles and perspectives to find the most visually appealing composition.
  • Showcase diversity and inclusivity: Aim to represent a diverse range of people in your pictures to represent a broad spectrum of experiences.   
  • Seek consent: Before taking anyone’s picture, ensure that you have their permission to take and publish their photo.

We are really looking forward to seeing your moments captured!