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We implement innovative, effective programs that offer teaching, training and continuing education to local health care workers in resource-scarce countries. We focus on meeting the needs of the host country and institution, and creating programs that are sustainable and build local capacity.

The focus of HVO programs is on building local capacity through the delivery of appropriate education programs that provide the local health care professional with the knowledge, skills and ability needed to address the health care needs of their country. HVO projects are staffed by trained, licensed health care professionals (physicians, nurses, dentists, physical therapists and others) willing to donate their time and expertise to work side-by-side with their colleagues. HVO volunteers come from private practice as well as academia. Many are leaders in their field, known for their professional, clinical and academic accomplishments.

HVO staff and volunteers work closely with a variety of partner institutions (hospitals, clinics, universities, schools) in the project design, development and implementation stages. No two projects are the same as needs and priorities vary from country to country and from institution to institution.

HVO support may include: clinical education, curricula development or updating, faculty mentoring, co-teaching of new content, professional development, funding attendance at professional meetings or workshops, developing protocols, and/or providing access to educational materials such as textbooks, journals, online resources and more.

HVO’s work in providing critically needed health care education and training is an essential component for any long-term development strategy.”

– Mary McClymont, former President of InterAction

Since it began in 1986, HVO has had a long list of accomplishments. Access to care has expanded in many countries thanks to improved training and professional support provided by more than 10,000 completed volunteer assignments. In 2016, volunteers completed 410 assignments, providing clinical and didactic training to nearly 4,000 health professionals in the course of the year.

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