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Now and Then: Orthopaedics in Bhutan

  Dr. Sam Baker came to Bhutan out of a desire to volunteer in a rural, resource-scarce country and stayed
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HVO COVID-19 Update

Health Volunteers Overseas continues to monitor the global COVID-19 pandemic. Our guidance concerning project suspensions is based on host country
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What are they doing now? Tanzanian doctor was destined to be an orthopaedic surgeon since he was a child.

What are they doing now?  Mubashir Jusabani’s dream of becoming a physician began at an early age, after breaking a

The legacy continues

Written by Nancy Kelly Left: Judith Canfield-Henry  Right: Dr. Martin Hobdell This is the second installment of two blogs that

The legacy they left

Written by Nancy Kelly  Left: Mattilou Catchpole  Right: Nancy Kelly, Dr. Zutz and Kate Fincham   In 2006, as HVO celebrated its
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Southeast Asian country highly vaccinated, despite constraints and challenges

Images from Sonja Kill Memorial Hospital, SKMH  Cambodia, despite numerous constraints and challenges, has managed to vaccinate over 96% of the population
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