Trends in Global Health

Southeast Asian country highly vaccinated, despite constraints and challenges

Images from Sonja Kill Memorial Hospital, SKMH  Cambodia, despite numerous constraints and challenges, has managed to vaccinate over 96% of the population 18 years and older.  How did they do this?  With... Read more

Trends in Global Health: Mentorship and Human Capital

HVO’s Deputy Director Beth MacNairn authored this installment of our Trends in Global Health series on the importance of mentorship and human capital. View other posts in this series here.... Read more

Sustainable Progress to Improve the Care of Mom and Baby

Last week the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) released Acting on the Call 2018—the latest report on the agency’s effort to save the lives of 15 million children... Read more

Trends in Global Health: The Rising Burden of Noncommunicable Diseases

Vidya Swaminathan, Ph.D., HVO  board member and Senior Director of Inhalation Product Development at AstraZeneca, authored this installment of Trends in Global Health, highlighting the rising prevalence of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) in... Read more

Trends in Global Health: Improving Health Equity Through Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Jennifer Audette, PT, PhD writes this installment of Trends in Global Health highlighting equity as one of the Guiding Principles of the American Physical Therapy Association’s Vision - a principle that fits within both... Read more

Trends in Global Health: The Power of Storytelling

Jody Olsen, PhD, MSW, Chair of the HVO Board of Directors, writes this installment of Trends in Global Health, sharing a personal experience with using storytelling to identify the unique... Read more

Trends in Global Health: Expanding Programming in Hospital Administration and Management

In the first installment of Trends in Global Health, Louise C. Myers, MSW, Post-Master’s Health Care Administration outlines the need for increased training in hospital management and administration in resource-scarce settings,... Read more

Addressing Trends in Global Health at HVO

How has the global health sector changed in the last 30 years, and how will current trends impact HVO in the continued pursuit of its mission? These two questions helped... Read more

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