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Since 2006, the Golden Apple Award has recognized the members, volunteers, partners, and supporters who make extraordinary contributions to the sustainability and effectiveness of Health Volunteers Overseas.

2024 Golden Apple Honorees

Andrew Babu, BPT, MPT

Mr. Babu is currently working as a professor and as the Head of Physiotherapy Unit at Christian Medical College and Hospital in Vellore, India. After completing his Bachelors in Physiotherapy at CMC Vellore in 1988, he did his Masters in Physiotherapy at KEM Hospital, Bombay in 1994. Since returning to CMC Vellore, he has held different administrative posts, including Head of Physiotherapy Education in 1996. He assumed his current role as Head of Physiotherapy Unit in 2010. He is the recipient of several awards, including the Distinguished Academic Service Award, and he is a member of the India COVID Guidelines and Lancet Commission of India.     

Michael Martin, MD

Dr. Martin started out as an art major but found his way into medicine through the vicissitudes of life. During medical school, he worked with the POE program at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Brazil and fell in love with international medicine. Since then, as an internist and medical oncologist, he has participated in and led medical mission work in Mexico and Nicaragua. He has had the honor of being a Fulbright Specialist in Nigeria and worked under a US State Department grant in Uzbekistan. 

Margaret Nakakeeto, MD

Dr. Margaret Nakakeeto is a distinguished neonatologist and educator renowned for her unwavering dedication and professional expertise. With over 27 years of experience, she has held various senior management positions and demonstrated exceptional leadership in newborn health, management of vulnerable populations, and medical education. Dr. Nakakeeto’s extensive knowledge encompasses designing and delivering complex program requirements, supporting adult learners, and advocating for evidence-based programming. From her position as Director of Neonatology in various hospitals to her consultancy work with international organizations like USAID, UNICEF and Save the Children, she has played a pivotal role in enhancing newborn care services and systems. Her commitment to mentoring and capacity building extends to medical students, health workers, and managers, ensuring sustainable improvements in healthcare delivery. 

Prakash Neupane, MD

Dr. Neupane went to medical school in Nepal and completed his residency and hematology oncology fellowship in the US. Currently, he is professor of medical oncology and director of the hematology oncology fellowship at the University of Kansas Medical Center. His clinical focus is the head and neck and thoracic oncology. He is passionate about educating younger generations of physicians in the field of cancer care.  

Kelly Smith, MD

Dr. Smith is a community hematologist and oncologist at Colorado Permanente Medical Group in Lafayette, Colorado. She attended medical school at the University of California, San Francisco and completed her internal medicine residency and hematology/oncology fellowship at the University of Washington. Prior to relocating to Colorado, Dr. Smith spent three years working in Hanoi, Vietnam as a clinical assistant professor with University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Global Health. She taught students and residents at Vin University and took care of cancer patients at Vinmec Times City International Hospital. She is a board member and project leader for oncology and palliative care for Medical Education Exchange Teams. Dr. Smith also created Vietnam Cancer Club, a network of over 700 health care professionals, to promote collaboration and education. 

Hansjörg Wyss

A native of Switzerland who now lives in Wilson, Wyoming, Mr. Wyss’ first experiences in the West drew him back to the United States to attend the Harvard Business School, from which he graduated in 1965.  With his American education and passion for discovery, he started a successful medical research and design company, headquartered in West Chester, Pennsylvania, whose products have helped millions of patients recover from skeletal and soft tissue trauma and injuries.

Grateful for the opportunities the United States, its lands, and the world have afforded him, Mr. Wyss believes he has a duty to repay his good fortune through philanthropic endeavors that expand the reach of human possibility and compassion.  Practical and innovative by nature, Mr. Wyss’ philanthropy fosters new ideas, new tools, and new collaborations in areas ranging from medicine, education and the arts to economic opportunity, conflict resolution, and land conservation.

2023 Honorees

Charity Burke, MD
John Kanyusik, DDS, MSD 
Nancy Kelly, MHS 
Mark Koh Jean Aan, MBBS, MRCP
Olushola Akinshemoyin Vaughn, MD 
Linda Wolff, MPT

2022 Honorees

Anju Adhikary
Bhavani Chalikonda, MBBS
Robert Erdin, MD
Matthew Fisher, DMD
Annette Galassi, RN, MA, OCN
Brian Hollander, DMD
Dashrath Kafle, BDS, MDS
Murray Kesselman, MD, FRCPC
Stephanie Murphy, MPA, CPA
Royann Royer, RDH, MPH, CDA
Rebecca Turkel, PT/DPT, CEIS, CEIM, IBE
Richard Wise, MD
Yangden, BSN

2021 Honorees

Habib Ghaddar, MD, FACP
Dorey Glenn, MD, MPH
Michael A. Linden, MD, PhD
Cathy Pingoy, RN, MSN
Jaime Andres Suarez-Londono, MD

2020 Honorees

Roland Beverly, MD
Jill Derstine, EdD, RN, FAAN
Susan Harris, MD
Patricia Larsen, PT, CWS, OMS
Monika Mann, PT, MPH
Anne Marie Tietjen, PhD

2019 Honorees

Angkor Hospital for Children (AHC) Team of Anesthesia Providers
Editors, HVO-Sponsored Frontiers in Public Health Special Topic eBook
Richard Fisher, MD
Christoph Funk, MUDr
Brian Hollander, DMD
Mimi Lhamu Mynak, MBBS, MD
George Pantely, MD

2018 Honorees

Janna Beling, PhD, PT
Pamela Cole, PT, CWS
Robert Hoffman, MD
Cynthia Howard, MD, MPHTM
Dashrath Kafle, BDS, MDS
Alexia Knapp, MD, MS
Sithach Mey, MD
George Meyer, MD
Prakash Neupane, MD

2017 Honorees

Charles Bloomer, DDS
Theresa Coetzer, PhD
Christian Fuentes, MD
David Goldstein, MBBS, FRACP, MRCP(UK)
Judith Hembree, PT, PhD
Silvia Plattner, PT
Julia Plotnick, RN, MPH, FAAN, RADM, USPHS(ret)

2016 Honorees

Kay Ahern, PT, CHT
Mary Christman, PT, MAEd
Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Chung
Jo Davies, MBBS, FRCA
Barry Gainor, MD
John P. W. Kelly, DMD, MD
Antoinette “Toni” Sander, PT, DPT, MS, CLT-LANA
Leila Srour, MD, MPH, DTM&H
N. Ewen Wang, MD

2015 Honorees

Gaston Barnechea, MD
Barbara Billek-Sawhney, PT, EdD, DPT, MS, GCS
Peter Curran, MD, MHCDS, FACP
Brian Failla
Donald Lalonde, MD, FRCSC
Jeanne Leffers, PhD, RN
Susan Raber, PharmD, MPH
Peter Trafton, MD, FACS

2014 Honorees

Dino Aguilar, MD
Robert J. Buchholz, JR., CRNA, MSNA
David E. Frost, DDS, MS
Katharine Morley, MD, MPH
Tom Morton, MBChB, FACEM
Jose Angel Sanchez, MD
Linda Wolff, MPT

2013 Honorees

William Creasman, MD
Randall Culp, MD
Diana Davidson, CRNA
Norman James, MD
Robert Kalb, MD

2012 Honorees

Eugenio Beltran, DMD, MPH, DrPH, MS
T. Desmond Brown, MD
Linus T. Chuang, MD, MPH, MS
Lawrence Gordon, MD
Martin Hobdell, BDS, PhD, MA
Jared Hubbell, MD
Mark Makumbi Kayanja, MBchB, M.Med (Surg), M.Med (Ortho), PhD
Pfizer’s Global Health Fellows – India
Robert Stein, MD

2011 Honorees

Laura L. Fitzpatrick, MD
C. Fits Hunsel, PT, LMBT
Michelle James, MD
C. Neil Kay, BDS, MS
Isador Lieberman, MD, MBA, FRSC(c)
Fredric V. Price, MD
Vidya Swaminathan, PhD

2010 Honorees

Judy Canfield-Henry, PT, MSEd, EdD
Shaun Cleaver, PT, MSc
Denise English, PT
Mary Jo Geyer, PT, Phd, FCCWS, CLT-LANA, CPed
Victoria Seligman, MD
Lynne Welch, MSN, EdD, ApRN, FNP-BC

2009 Honorees

Caroline Dueger, MD, MPH, DTM&H
Kim Dunleavy, PT, PhD, OCS
Richard Henker, PhD, RN, CRNA
Elizabeth Kay, PT, PhD
Barbara Latenser, MD, FACS
Benedict Magsamen, MD
Joseph E. Sheppard, MD
David Spiegel, MD

2008 Honorees

Eugenio Beltran, DMD, MPH, DrPH, MS
Cary Bjork, MD, FACP
Ann Carroll, RNC, NNP
Larry Herman, DMD, MD
R. Byron McCord, MD
Ellen Milan, RNC
Michael O’Brien, MD
Celia Pechak, PHD, PT, MPH
Yvonne Vaucher, MD, MPH

2007 Honorees

Suzanne Brown, CRNA
Glen Crawford, MD
Lena Dohlman, MD, MPH
Marvin Godner, MD
Martin Hobdell, BDS, PhD, MA
Christopher Johnson,MD
William Laney, MD
John McFadden, MD
Puthocode Rajamani, MS
Wingfield Rehmus, MD, MPH

2006 Honorees

Mattilou Catchpole, CRNA, PhD
Ray DeFalque, MD
Nancy Descouteax, PT, BAC
Denise English, PT
Charles Jennings, MD
Marvin Lang, CRNA
Robert Nassau, MD
Tim O’Brien, MBBS
Alfred Scherzer, MD, MS EdD
Geoffrey Walker, FRCS
Harry Zutz, MD

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