Volunteer Feedback Survey (VFS)

Volunteer Feedback Survey


The Volunteer Feedback Survey (VFS) – formerly known as the HVO Trip Report – is the post-trip reporting tool for HVO volunteers. Every volunteer is required to complete the survey upon completion of their assignment.

HVO asks all returned volunteers to complete the VFS as soon as possible after their return from a project site. The survey is an online, multi-part questionnaire that is available on the HVO MyHVO. We encourage scheduled volunteers to review the survey prior to their assignment. Click here for a preview of the questions on the survey.

The primary purpose of the VFS is to gather data that will enable HVO to properly monitor and evaluate projects and make any necessary modifications to improve their effectiveness and impact. The survey provides us with information about how to improve the orientation process and other support services for volunteers. In addition, previous volunteer feedback is an essential tool to help prepare future volunteers.

With permission of the volunteer completing the survey, we will share information, quotes, etc. from the survey to improve our programs and projects, inform HVO leadership of important project developments, recruit new volunteers, and orient scheduled volunteers to ensure their overseas assignment is successful. Scheduled volunteers gain access to the reports of previous volunteers on the HVO MyHVO.