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Growfund – A Donor-Advised Fund

You can support Health Volunteers Overseas through Growfund (www.mygrowfund.org), a donor-advised fund. Growfund is an easy to use, no-minimum charitable giving tool, where your funds can be saved or invested to grow over time.

GrowfundGrowfund offers a new way to give with impact and make informed decisions about your charitable gifts. You can start your Growfund, or even your family’s Growfund, with as little as $1. Your contributions to your Growfund are tax deductible, and can be invested to grow over time, so when you’re ready to give, you can make a difference for the communities we serve in a really big way. Make Growfund your very own personal foundation today.

HVO is proud to have a Featured Giving Opportunity on Growfund. Contributions to the HVO Leadership Fund will support our Scholarship for Future Leaders in Global Health, which supports health workers around the world.

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